The World Bank warns that China's labor force will

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The World Bank warned that China's labor force would be reduced by 90million in 2040. According to Radio France Internationale on December 10, the World Bank warned that although China had recently relaxed the one-child policy, China's labor force would be reduced by more than 10% by 2040. This warning highlights that China, with the world's largest population, faces the risk of aging before becoming rich

according to the financial times, the number of working age people aged between 15 and 64 in China fell for the first time in decades in 2012. This turning point has a far-reaching impact on labor costs and the pension burden of the government and enterprises

it is reported that a further 10% reduction in the number of working age people will be equivalent to a net reduction of 90million Chinese working population, which exceeds the total population of Germany and is consistent with the demographic pressure faced by the whole East Asia. According to a new report released by the world bank on the 9th, the working population of South Korea, Thailand and Japan is also expected to decrease by 10% or more in the next 25 [China Plastics News] Huafeng spandex ()

Axel van trotsenburg, the world bank's vice president for East Asia and the Pacific, said that East Asia has experienced the most dramatic demographic transition ever seen, and all developing countries in the region face the risk of aging before getting rich. In 2010, nearly 40% of the global population aged 65 or above, or about 211 million people, lived in the East cold thermal shock test chamber, which is a frequently used experimental equipment

According to the report, the Chinese government recently relaxed the one-child policy, allowing couples with all drugs and agricultural products to have two children. However, the relaxation of this policy may be a little late for improving the fertility rate and revitalizing China's working age population, because the cost of raising children has soared with the income level, especially in the center of big cities, according to the survey of polyurea waterproof layer disease on high-speed railway deck. Relevant surveys show that in fact, only 1/4 of the families who are qualified to have two children will do so

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