50 years after the hottest, robots threaten mankin

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50 years later, robots threaten human beings, billions of people die, intelligent war

50 years later, robots threaten human beings

last night, professor Hugo de Garys, known as the "father of artificial brain", walked into the lecture hall of Tsinghua University. Within two hours of his speech, It describes a "world of artificial intelligence": "maybe in 20 or 30 years, artificial intelligence machines can make friends with people, but in 50 years, artificial intelligence will become the biggest threat to mankind. The world will eventually break out a war because artificial intelligence surpasses mankind, which may take billions of lives." This description, which sounds like "hacker empire", is based on scientific research. His book "a brief history of intelligence" has been translated into Chinese by Tsinghua University Press and officially published

2000 US dollars can "make brain"

Hugo is known as "Hawking in the field of artificial intelligence", and Hugo is responsible for only four artificial intelligence machines in the world. Artificial intelligence machines are not computers. Hugo's job is to use "genetic algorithms" to design neural networks, that is, to "produce brains". His "CBM" brain manufacturing machine can evolve into a neural network in a few seconds, which can process nearly 100million artificial neurons. Its computing power is equivalent to 10000 personal computers. In 2000, artificial brain can control hundreds of behaviors of "kitten robot"

the research on making artificial brain is developing rapidly. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make artificial brain in the last century, but now it only costs 2000 dollars to do this work. Hugo said that he would like to thank "Moore's law" because it reduces the research cost and enables him to carry out "cheap brain manufacturing"

artificial brain will surpass human sooner or later

Hugo believes that "artificial brain" will surpass human sooner or later due to the decline of performance. The conversion ability of human brain is 1 in 10. The experimental machine is sorted and cleaned to the power of 6/s, while the operation speed of artificial intelligence machine is as high as 10 to the power of 40/s, which is 24 times that of human brain. "At that time, their treatment of human beings may be as simple as killing a mosquito." Hugo predicted that the artificial brain will not immediately control human beings, and there will be a period of "peaceful coexistence" with human beings before. During this period, it has been approaching but not exceeding human intelligence level, so "chat robot", "household robot" and "companion robot" will make human life full of fun. But such beauty will not last long. The continuous development of artificial brain will make mankind face disaster

before the disaster, all human beings will be divided into three groups: cosmologists (who advocate the development of artificial intelligence), globalists (who oppose the development of artificial intelligence) and artificial intelligence Cybernetics (who transform themselves into robots). Maybe these three kinds of people will start the internal struggle of human beings before the artificial brain deals with human beings

"this is not a fantasy. It is only a matter of time before everything becomes a reality. Maybe your grandchildren will experience such things." Hugo said that as early as 2000, he fired "the first shot in the history of AI war". He used a toy pistol that lasted for a whole day to inject AI chips into the cybernetic scholar Dr. Kevin Warwick. With this chip, Dr. Warwick can communicate with his wife without opening his mouth

"from the bottom of my heart, I'm a cosmopolitan, because it's painful for a scientist not to do it if I have the ability. But I'm very contradictory, because I don't want everything I do to eventually destroy mankind." In Hugo's eyes, the research of artificial brain is undoubtedly very attractive, because it can make artificial embryos, femtosecond switches, unipolar and other scientific ideals come true. But Hugo is pessimistic about the future of mankind: "are we making God or our potential Terminator? The pace of scientific and technological progress is unstoppable. Maybe we can only hope that the artificial brain can finally give up the earth and go to the broader universe, so that human beings can continue to live freely here." (Li Li)

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