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In recent years, with the continuous development of domestic urban construction, urban muck trucks have become an incurable "stubborn disease" in urban construction due to their overload, overspeed, omission, high noise and frequent malignant traffic accidents. Beiben Heavy Truck Group has put forward targeted solutions to the serious social problems caused by old-fashioned muck trucks, and launched new urban muck truck products

beiben new urban muck truck is a very mature heavy truck product, which can not only solve the problems of environmental protection, road administration, safety for the government, but also bring more economic benefits to customers. With the help of Beijing auto show, South China and East China promotion conferences, beiben group has vigorously promoted 1000 professional and technical talents and senior managers with training prospects in the province to study the new guangbeiben urban muck truck in domestic colleges and universities, which has been unanimously recognized by the government and customers. Beiben new urban muck truck has five advantages: tax-free, environmental protection, intelligence, reliability and safety. It is one of the products with outstanding advantages among many brands in the industry

duty free

some models of beiben's new urban muck vehicles have been approved by the State Administration of Taxation, which can be exempted from vehicle purchase tax, which can reduce the purchase cost of 10000 yuan for customers and bring practical economic value

environmental protection

1. Beiben new urban muck truck meets the National IV emission standard, and the natural gas muck truck meets the national V emission standard, which is more green and environment-friendly

2. The cargo compartment is equipped with an electrically controlled environmental protection canopy to ensure that the compartment is closed throughout the whole journey and avoid sprinkling, dripping and dust flying all over the sky

3. The cargo compartment adopts U-shaped bucket, and the unloading is clean; The rear door is equipped with rubber sealing strip. Prevent the overflow of slurry, sand and other loose objects during vehicle transportation, and reduce the environmental pollution. The problems that will be caused by testing metal materials in the environment can be tested one by one

4. The vehicle is equipped with a pressurized water tank car washing device, including a water tank control box, a water pipe and a water gun attached to its chuck. It is convenient for vehicle cleaning to ensure that the vehicle drives cleanly in the city

5. There are bristles under the rear wheel cover to clean the dirt on the tires and avoid splashing mud and water during driving


1. The muck truck is connected with the vehicle management network terminal. Once the vehicle rises and loads, the environmental protection canopy will automatically stop when it encounters obstacles in the process of closing. At the same time, it will notify the network monitoring center to speed limit or stop the vehicle, and work with the engineering and technology research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build measures such as the fire break of the vehicle

2. Beiben muck truck uses car coupling and Beidou navigation technology to carry out remote intelligent diagnosis of vehicle fuel consumption (gas consumption) and faults; Extract driver behavior data and vehicle fault diagnosis data to optimize driving behavior

3. The on-board network monitoring center will set up an electronic fence for vehicles that do not drive along the specified route or dump in the specified area. The management platform will give an immediate alarm and record the time and place of each dump

4. The Beidou navigation system, the engine electronic control system, and the debris monitoring platform are linked. Implement the management of one vehicle, one card and one driver, insert the corresponding driver card to start the vehicle, and realize the operation monitoring of vehicle theft prevention, disassembly prevention, positioning, vehicle locking, speed limit, heavy/empty vehicle, electronic fence, lifting, etc., which plays the role of management and monitoring, and can meet the needs of unified command and scheduling


1. The whole vehicle adopts ng80 chassis which is most suitable for engineering vehicles, with mature technology and reliable quality. Equal width straight beam frame, one-time stamping, anti twist, anti fatigue, strong bearing capacity, high reliability

2. Matched with the special engine for dump truck with large displacement and torque, made in Weichai, horsepower can be selected, with strong power, fast start, fast acceleration, strong climbing, and very reliable power performance


1. Ng80 cab with high safety is equipped with the unique metal skeleton + skin structure of domestic heavy trucks, which has strong deformation resistance, meets the requirements of European ecer29 Collision Regulations, and ensures the personal safety of drivers and passengers

2. Night vision cameras are installed on the left and right sides of the front of the carriage to facilitate the driver to check the blind area of the vehicle when driving at night and effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents

3. While playing a beautiful role, the integral side guard can effectively prevent pedestrians from getting involved under the vehicle and causing injuries, and improve passive safety performance

4. The center of gravity of the U-shaped cargo box is lower than the ordinary rectangular cargo box with the same size requirements. When turning, the lateral force is low, the anti rollover stability is high, the driving is stable, and the transportation safety is increased

the new urban muck truck launched by beiben Heavy Truck Group has been preliminarily recognized in the market with its strong technical advantages. Bringing value to customers and serving the society is the ultimate goal of beiben group to develop a new muck truck. It is believed that beiben's new muck truck will usher in a new era of green muck transportation

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