440 iodized salt franchises have been set up, and

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Set up 440 iodized salt franchise points Shantou recently launched a new generation of anti-counterfeit paper and plastic packaging

in order to popularize the knowledge of IDD prevention and control, promote the people to consciously eat qualified iodized salt, and ensure to enter the list of 2017 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises published by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance by 201. The city has achieved the goal of eliminating IDD by 0. Since this year, the city's health, development and reform, economy and trade, education, disease control Salt and other departments have mutually verified the performance coordination of materials used in tire production, and achieved phased results. In the first half of the year, health education on IDD prevention and control and knowledge activities on iodized salt identification were held, on-site consultation activities on the 14th IDD prevention and control day, and health education activities on IDD prevention and control for primary school students were held, advocating the consumption of iodized salt. The Salt Department has set up 440 salt monopoly retail outlets in the city to facilitate the masses to buy iodized salt. In the near future, the Salt Department will also launch a new generation of paper plastic 500 gram small package iodized salt with more environmental protection, hygiene and higher anti-counterfeiting performance in the market

The baseline survey of the disease control department showed that the consumption rate of qualified iodized salt among the people in Jinping, Longhu and Chenghai in our city was higher than 90%, and the awareness rate of D (iodine deficiency disease) knowledge was more than 85%. However, the two indicators of Chaoyang, Chaonan and Haojiang districts are lower than 50% and 80% respectively. It is reported that all departments will strengthen the rectification of the salt market, gradually solve the problem of write off of non iodized salt, and improve the coverage and consumption rate of iodized salt. (Hanjiang)

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