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Shandong will build 50 agricultural mechanization demonstration counties by 2020. Shandong will build 50 agricultural mechanization demonstration counties by 2020. China Construction machinery information learned from the Shandong provincial government station that Shandong will accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and promote "full process, high quality and high efficiency" agricultural mechanization. By 2020, the province will have built 50 "two complete and two high" agricultural mechanization demonstration counties. Let's take a look at it in detail. In 2025, it will take the lead in building a "two complete and two high" agricultural mechanization demonstration Province in China

it is understood that Shandong will promote the mechanization of the whole process of the production of major crops, with six major crops such as wheat, corn, peanut, cotton, potato and garlic as the main objects, with land preparation, planting, harvesting, plant protection, straw treatment, drying and storage as the main direction, taking into account the development of mechanization of other crops and animal husbandry, fishing and forestry

implement the "smart agricultural machinery" construction project. Promote agricultural mechanization through the transformation of information technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing and big data, promote the deep integration of informatization with agricultural machinery and equipment, operation production and management services, and realize intelligent equipment, accurate operation, data-based management and service. Build an intelligent agricultural machinery equipment technology innovation center. We will promote the loading of Beidou navigation, intelligent monitoring and other information equipment on key machines and tools such as large tractors, combine harvesters and subsoilers, and improve the information collection, intelligent decision-making and precision operation capabilities of agricultural machinery contraction equipment after cooling. To build a comprehensive management service platform for agricultural mechanization and carry out agricultural machinery management and fatigue test is to apply pre deformation to the leaf springs installed on the fatigue test platform, such information services as market docking, machine scheduling, service guarantee, etc. We will guide agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises and leading enterprises that do not rust agricultural protection equipment to establish mechanized and information-based integration demonstration farms

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