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On May 29, the relevant departments of Chinatelecom revealed that the "cloud game" business launched by the company will be unveiled at the CDMA Trade Fair held in June this year

it is understood that Chinatelecom will cooperate with HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE 6 Monitoring the experimental process: the experimental force, deformation, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can be displayed in real time. Coolpad and other domestic and foreign manufacturers can display new customization. In addition, Chinatelecom's eight business bases, including game base and music base, will also appear and display their respective businesses at the same time

among them, the "cloud game" to be displayed by Chinatelecom game base is a game mode based on cloud computing technology, which is free of download, installation and upgrade of hardware. It can break away from the limitation of hardware devices, and carry out cross platform and cross terminal (PC, Internet TV, etc.) game experience through cloud servers. It can also read the same game archive from multiple terminals

it is reported that Chinatelecom game base was officially established in Nanjing in august2010. At present, Chinatelecom's "love game" platform has many kinds of subordinates, with 50million users, 10million monthly active users, and operates nearly all kinds of games. 1. There are 3000 types of welded products with the same steel bar grade, diameter and size. The monthly revenue of the platform exceeds 10million, and the cumulative download volume exceeds 150million

in addition, by the end of 2011, Chinatelecom music base had cooperated with more than 400 domestic and foreign record companies, with more than 1million music libraries. The number of "love music" users has reached 1, making the piston drop a distance 800million. Yi Technology Report

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