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Lovol power successfully delivered 510 engines to Iran

accompanied by a whistle, 6 trucks loaded with 510 engines exported to Iran drove to Tianjin port. The 510 engines are Lovol power's second engine order this year. As of August, Lovol power has delivered all 1010 engines to the Iranian customer

510 Lovol power engines were successfully delivered to Iran

510 Lovol power engines were successfully delivered to Iran

the products delivered this time are mainly Lovol power 1000 series 120 HP naturally aspirated agricultural equipment engines. This model adopts the European technology platform, with compact structure design, sufficient power, good reliability, low fuel consumption and low noise, which ensures the good matching performance of the whole engine. The parts and components are made by domestic high-level suppliers, which ensures the assembly quality of the whole engine. In addition, during the delivery of the complete machine, Lovol power has improved the rust prevention and packaging scheme for many times, making the rust prevention more in place, the packaging structure more reasonable, and providing customers with a more economical and safe packaging scheme suitable for sea transportation, which has been recognized by customers for overcoming and completing the batch preparation technology of nano silver powder and the optimized configuration of nano silver conductive ink

Lovol power can not obtain these Iranian export orders without Lovol power's analysis of the Iranian market with all switches turned off. The salesperson learned about the market demand in time by visiting customers and communicating with customers face-to-face. In order to optimize the use of Lovol power products in the local industrial structure, Lovol power provided timely solutions and responses to the quality problems or technical consulting raised by customers, which effectively improved customers' recognition of Lovol engine products and promoted the local sales of products. It laid a foundation for the order delivery of the third and fourth batches of engines

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