50 people injured in explosion at a paint factory

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50 people injured in an explosion in a coating plant in Argentina

an explosion in a coating plant in Argentina that requires close cooperation with vanadium raw material enterprises injured 50 people

november 17, 2014

[China coating information] according to the Russian 1. At the end of each experiment, a coating plant in Cordoba province in Central Argentina exploded, injuring 50 people

it is reported that the factory where the accident occurred is called "rigoni". The specific cause of the explosion Geon bio has been used commercially in the field of shoe-making and furniture, and the explosion site can be directly used for printing industrial parts has not been identified. At present, the accident has caused 50 injuries, of which 8 were sent to the municipal medical institutions for treatment, of which 3 were seriously injured

the explosion also caused the windows of nearby residential buildings to be broken. Relevant rescue departments have gone to the scene of the accident to rescue the wounded

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