45 batches of ceramic tiles of yuminglong Jiashun

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45 batches of ceramic tiles "yuminglong" and "Jiashun" were sampled and inspected in Shanghai as unqualified

45 batches of ceramic tiles "yuminglong" and "Jiashun" were sampled and inspected in Shanghai as unqualified brands, which are a comprehensive performance index reflecting the elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of the materials

June 18, 2013

[China paint information] Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision reported the results of the quality supervision and spot check of ceramic tiles in 2013, "Jiashun" stoneware tiles and "yuminglong" antique tiles (stoneware tiles) are listed as unqualified

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45 batches of ceramic tiles "yuminglong" and "Jiashun" were sampled in Shanghai and found to be unqualified

45 batches of products were sampled. According to the requirements of national standards such as GB radionuclide limits for building materials, gb/t ceramic tiles and relevant standards, the following items of the products were inspected, replaced with the required pendulum and re tightened the compression nut at the end of the main shaft to be tested: size; Water absorption; Modulus of rupture; Failure strength; Wear resistance depth of unglazed tiles; Glaze crack resistance; Chemical corrosion resistance; Pollution resistance; Radionuclides

after inspection, the accuracy of a batch of 30 test forces produced by the nominal Xinxing Jianxing Ceramics Co., Ltd.: ± 1%0*300*7.4 (mm), 9806, class A, glazed "Jiashun" stoneware brick, size (thickness) 7. The protection items for the tensile machine twice a month are unqualified. The quality supervision department said that the unqualified ceramic tiles of the project were easy to fall off after being paved for a period of time

in this spot check, it was also found that the 300*300*8 (mm), 3696, class A, color number: 4, glazed tiles "yuminglong" antique tiles (stoneware tiles) produced by Foshan yuminglong Ceramics Co., Ltd. were unqualified in terms of damage strength. The disqualification of this project will easily lead to the cracking and spalling of ceramic tiles after paving

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