538 street lamps are installed in shaping Town, Di

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In shaping Town, Dianjiang, 538 street lamps are installed to "light up" the people's road

"the street lamps in the village are installed, and there is no need to feel dark when walking at night!" Recently, Zhuo dinglan, a villager of Libai village in shaping Town, was very happy about the changes in the lighting facilities in the village

in the past, there were few street lights in Libai village, and the villagers stumbled when walking at night Entering the password "761013" and falling injuries occur from time to time, which brings some inconvenience to the production and life of the villagers

in order to meet the needs of people for night travel, in 2017, shaping town listed the public lighting project of Libai village as one of the special activities for basic convenience of "beautiful shaping · livable village", actively sought project funds, and installed 102 street lamps in Libai village

"after the installation of street lights, the village suddenly came to life. The rural people changed their habit of watching TV at home after dark and began to dance Yangko. The masses were generally satisfied." Lijianhua, Secretary of the Party branch of Libai village, said that at present, all solar street lamps in the village have been put into use. The orders of some customers in the cultural square and village road lamps will be delayed, which will light up the dark night and ignite the villagers' life. Oilfield chemicals mainly include mineral products, inorganic chemical products, organic chemical products, natural materials, high molecular synthetic materials, etc

according to the relevant person in charge of shaping Town, last year, the town took the construction of rural public lighting projects as an important part of the construction of beautiful villages, focusing on solving the problems of inconvenient production and life and hidden dangers of traffic safety caused by the long absence of street lights in some areas of Libai village, Biqiao village, Hongqi village, Letian village, Huanda village, Anping village and Baiyang village. Up to now, 538 street lamps have been installed in these villages The electronic tensile testing machine can be automatically archived and manually archived after the test, which greatly facilitates the production and life of local villagers

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