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Five ways to share good customer feedback in the call center team

customer praise often reflects the first-class service of the whole call center team. It is useless not to share good feedback with the team. Even good feedback from individual representatives can be shared with others to improve the service level

here are some suggestions on how to share customer feedback with other members of the call center team

1. Bulletin board

is a simple, low technology but eternal communication method. Bulletin board is one of the most effective ways to share good customer feedback. If the team or employee is praised, the team leader can fill in the customer praise card and paste it on the bulletin board

one possible drawback is that if an agent receives a lot of good feedback. There are too many praises for this person displayed on the bulletin board, which can cause disgust. It looks a bit like hero worship

if some people always surpass others, show some of the best feedback and reward these employees in different ways. They may be willing to accept it

2. Large screen

large call centers with plasma TVs in the customer service building may find that displaying good customer feedback on high-tech large TV screens is more useful than bulletin boards. The latest positive feedback can be displayed in a certain period of time

for the delegates, the large screen is far more advantageous than the visibility of the bulletin board in a certain place. The speed of updating information is fast, and the call center software control can be easily displayed on the screen

good feedback can also be combined with skills and 13. Test speed as a long-term but inconspicuous reminder, so as to improve the service level at any time

3. Monday morning meeting

the short meeting at the beginning of the new week is a good way to motivate the team, and can make everyone return to work from the weekend. Sharing good customer feedback from the previous week can improve team morale

4. Letter from the boss

any level of good service should be recognized by the whole company. The letter written by the CEO to the team or employees can well remind them that the value of their contributions has been recognized by the whole company

an appropriate thank you note has far more impact than a quick email

5. The company's internal

share customer feedback within the company, which can increase the visibility of customer feedback

mark Smith, director of operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa of convertys, said: "with the rapid development of materials, physics and other disciplines, our call center has deployed such a tool, which can provide real-time access to customer satisfaction surveys and specific customer feedback. This has greatly affected the confidence and personal ability of agents." create a league table within the company, It would be an interesting way to share feedback. The top 10 members in the weekly ranking 4. The data test suddenly increased, and the workers received the best praise. Then these were added to the annual ranking table, increasing the total instances of each team or seat receiving good feedback

social media can also be used. Facebook allows the creation of private groups where only invited people can participate. The team leader or the human resources department can manage this group and update the results every week. Friendly jokes on social networks can help employees motivate each other

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