47m5xxt concrete pump with innovative legs of Lieb

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Liebherr: 47 M5 xxt concrete pump truck with innovative Outriggers. The internal development and optimization of the boom is the core part of this innovation. The new 47 meter 5-SECTION multi fold cloth boom has super torsion resistance to ensure that when the boom is deployed on the construction site

to solve the problem of poor impregnation of continuous fibers in injection or molding molds. The fully updated boom and legs of the 47 M5 xxt concrete pump truck can provide additional advantages to satisfy customers. The internal development and optimization of the boom is the core part of this innovation

the new 47m 5-SECTION multi fold boom has super anti torsion ability. At present, maodi, Yujing and Yuanjing have been added to ensure that the swing can be minimized when the boom is deployed on the construction site. In order to ensure the balanced weight distribution, it is relatively difficult to control the layout of the concrete transmission pipeline next to the left and right sides of the boom at low temperature and low humidity. The radius of the elbow in the concrete transmission pipeline is 275mm, so as to minimize the pressure loss in the whole length of the boom

Liebherr xxt narrow outrigger is protected by patent and is the only outrigger of this type available in the market. Liebherr xxt narrow outrigger has small torque and is durable. The front and rear outriggers are directly fixed in the boom base of the cloth boom to ensure that all forces completely bypass the boom and directly lead into the outriggers. The four rotating outriggers ensure the maximum flexibility and extremely wide rotation range of the boom when it is supported in a narrow field. This will play a decisive role in whether the pump truck can work in a narrow construction site

47 M5 xxt concrete pump truck can be equipped with both 140hl high-pressure pump device with strong power and maximum pumping capacity of 140m3/h and 160hl pump device with pumping capacity of 160m3/h

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