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5 deaths and 9 injuries caused by chemical explosion of an enterprise in Shandong sounded the alarm for the coating industry

5 deaths and 9 injuries caused by chemical explosion of an enterprise in Shandong sounded the alarm for the coating industry

November 11, 2016

[China coating information]

on the morning of November 8, an explosion occurred in the ammonia tank of the desulfurization and denitration device of Zhoucun Jiazhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. in Zibo City, Shandong Province. The accident has caused 5 invalid rescue deaths and 9 injuries. It is worth noting that in August, 2015, an explosion occurred in Shandong Runxing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. in Houzhuang, Guoli Town, the same province and city, resulting in one death and nine injuries. However, the distance between the two factories is less than 40 kilometers, which makes people think deeply. Why do people have to wait for a bigger disaster to find that the safety production measures are not in place

after the explosion of BASF, a chemical giant in Germany, in October, China experienced several more explosions, large and small, in just 20 days. Reviewing the past explosion cases, we can find that most of the explosion accidents occurred in chemical plants. Since the chemical plant is an explosion hazardous area, why don't relevant departments strengthen inspection and reduce the frequency of explosion

on October 17, an explosion occurred in BASF Germany, an international raw material giant, which injured several people, killed two people and seriously injured eight people. 172. Turn on the power switch equipment, put the hand-held operator to an empty position (not a sample), and check whether the passive dial needle means zero. If it is not the position of the null pointer, it should be adjusted. When the null pointer is zero, people are slightly injured

On October 21, a chemical plant in Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong Province exploded and caught fire, igniting the warehouses of surrounding units. The ignition substances are hydrogen peroxide storage tank, sodium chlorate, nitrite and other additives. Thanks to timely control, no casualties were caused

on October 23, a chemical plant in Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province, suffered an explosion due to gas leakage

on November 3, phosgene leaked from TDI plant of gnfc company in India, resulting in 4 deaths and 8 serious injuries. It is worth noting that the company had the same incident in january2014, resulting in more than 21 injuries

on the morning of November 5, a toluene storage tank of Anhui Chizhou feihaoda Chemical Co., Ltd. exploded and caught fire. It can be seen that the electronic control has replaced the old-fashioned disc reading operation in the past. Fortunately, the accident was handled in a timely manner, and the accident did not cause heavy losses and casualties

on the afternoon of November 8, an explosion accident occurred in an enterprise in Shucheng County, Anhui Province, resulting in 2 deaths, 3 injuries and 10 loss of contact

if such frequent chemical plant explosion accidents can not be effectively stopped, they will not only cause immeasurable losses to the life and property safety of the country and people, but also pose a great threat to the national security and stability. It is difficult for enterprises to survive, let alone have interests

employees' operation is not standardized

explosion accidents occur frequently in chemical enterprises. We must reflect on what security management vulnerabilities exist in the enterprise. The chemical plant has a high probability and frequency of explosion. This is not only because of the special environment of the chemical plant, but also because in many cases, the accidents are caused by the inadequate supervision and inspection of mechanical equipment by the staff, and the workers lack safety production skills. If the accidents caused by equipment problems are unavoidable, the disasters caused by man-made management problems are the most unforgivable. Only by strengthening the pre job training of operators, so that each employee can have the skills to prevent emergencies, and achieve safe and standardized production, can the probability of dangerous accidents be effectively reduced

imperfect production equipment

an important cause of accidents is the defect of production equipment. Most chemical enterprises have outdated production equipment. If the safety maintenance is not carried out for a long time, sometimes the maintenance and production are carried out at the same time. If there is a little negligence, combustion and explosion may occur, which increases the risk of multiple accidents. The causes of explosion accidents in chemical plants include people, machinery and equipment, materials, environment and other aspects. However, the poor sealing performance of equipment leads to gas leakage, which is one of the reasons easily ignored by many chemical plants

the sealing level of chemical plant equipment also needs to be improved, and the monitoring of gas detector is also very important. Once the explosion limit detected by the gas detector is exceeded, ventilation and exhaust must be carried out immediately to evacuate personnel. Rescuers at the scene of the accident must wear relevant respiratory protective equipment. The chemical plant must be equipped with corresponding gas detectors, and the operating workshop must be constantly monitored

establish periodic verification system. The verifier of the chemical plant shall operate in strict accordance with the verification procedures, carefully verify the combustible gas detector item by item, and timely notify and publish the implementation and test results

there are loopholes in enterprise management

most chemical plants have exploded, which is closely related to enterprise management. Failure to carry out universal training on safety production skills in time and weak awareness of fire control, fire prevention and explosion prevention is the fatal key of the enterprise. A certain amount of fire-fighting equipment must be prepared at the operation site of the chemical plant. In case of a small fire, it can be put out in time, and the spread of the fire can be controlled in time. The car will heat up the polyamide market again, so as to avoid a major disaster. The enterprise shall, according to the nature and characteristics of the operation site and welding and cutting, equip a corresponding number of fire-fighting equipment, overhaul the equipment in the large-scale engineering projects and fire prohibition areas, ensure the good operation of the surrounding fire hydrants, and prevent the expansion of the accident area in the first time in case of an accident

at the same time, a regular assessment system should be established to regularly train and assess employees' production skills and emergency measures, which can not only improve the work efficiency of the Department, but also improve the management quality and level of the Department, so as to maximize the interests of the enterprise

fire and explosion accidents in chemical enterprises spread all over the world, and may occur in every workshop of every factory. From process operation, equipment pipeline, production maintenance to design and manufacturing, illegal command, illegal operation, management loopholes, etc. The coating industry involves a wide range of chemical products, especially many auxiliary enterprises and raw material manufacturers, which need a large number of chemical products in the process of product derivation. The recent successive chemical plant explosions are also warning the coating industry to take preventive measures. It is necessary to do a good job in safety production prevention, strengthen the management of production skills and chemicals storage, and then prevent accidents. Don't wait for the accident to happen and reflect in the tears of your loved ones. Although the people involved in the Tianjin bombing last year have been sentenced, it is difficult to save the young lives lost in the accident. Everyone is a victim in the face of disaster. As an enterprise, please ensure safe production, standardized management and standardized production. Only when the experimenters tick √ to respect life and others, can you and the enterprise win the respect of others. The sustainable development path of enterprises will be wider and longer

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