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Chinese board brand craftsman of fine materials: to build a full house customized high-end brand made in China, the upgraded consumer demand is calling for the spirit of craftsman. At present, many enterprises with "craftsman spirit" are often influential brands in the industry, and in the domestic market, there are only a few Chinese brands that can stand, sound and spread. Strengthening the cultivation and development of independent brands is also an important problem faced by Chinese craftsmen

enterprise mission: create national advanced customized brands and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

the predecessor of Shanghai Huagang wood industry is a wood products sales enterprise with 20 years of classic craftsmanship, constantly creating industry miracles. In 2011, it created the enterprise brand "craftsman of fine materials", which brought a boom of health and environmental protection to the industry. After the transformation and upgrading in 2017, we will create a fine craftsman whole house easy to wear + advanced customization brand, focus on whole house customization and whole house design, and strive to build a high-end brand of China's intelligent whole house customization

it is the mission of every Chinese people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Craftsmen of fine materials regard the creation of national advanced customized brands as their corporate mission, which can be described as high, affectionate and methodical. The enterprise mission of fine craftsman is to let people with lofty ideals participate in incubating Chinese national brands and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Let craftsmen with great ingenuity travel all over the country, so that more families can enjoy the advanced customization of Chinese intelligent manufacturing

product technology: use international advanced technology to create China's smart manufacturing advanced customization brand

refined wood craftsman whole house easy to install + theme products include: module function board, board, floor, cabinet, ceiling, wooden door, parapet, etc

in terms of product technology: the craftsman of fine materials adopts German Haomai laser edge banding technology. The edge banding strip and plate can be integrated, perfectly connected and seamless, and the quality is at the same level as that of first-line brands

fine craftsman is at the forefront of environmental protection in the household industry. The whole house is easy to install + products are all made of E0 grade plates, which will only better meet the needs of consumers for furniture environmental protection

from the perspective of raw materials, the whole house of fine craftsman is easy to install + solid wood multi-layer net aldehyde antibacterial plates are used, so the quality of finished plates is easier to control. Multilayer boards are made of single boards coated with glue and pressurized layer by layer, with less glue. After using aldehyde free protein glue, it is easy to exceed the current E0 level. On the basis of meeting the E0 standard, using the patented aldehyde antibacterial technology, nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent is implanted into the surface of impregnated paper, so that it has the function of adsorbing and decomposing free formaldehyde in indoor air and has the function of antibacterial. Realize the effect of removing indoor formaldehyde and purifying the air, completely remove formaldehyde, take care of yourself, and protect your health

the speed of the rise of great powers will certainly be the upgrading speed from a manufacturing power to a brand power. The craftsman of fine materials, with national feelings and righteousness, will use international advanced technology and innovative business model to create a national high-end full house customization brand, and create a full house customization high-end brand specially made in China

if the brand is strong, the enterprise is strong; If an enterprise is strong, China will be strong. It is hoped that more Chinese processing and manufacturing industries, like fine wood craftsmen, will carry the banner of national brands, build brands belonging to the Chinese nation, let Chinese brands fly over the world, and let Chinese people consume high-end customized brands unique to their own nation

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