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If you haven't started or just started, and you don't have much money in the other party's hands, you should stop losing immediately, cut the meat and leave the market, and find someone again. If you have started work, or there is more money in the other party's hands, you can only compromise and find ways to improve the relationship. Since you can't change others, you have to change yourself and compromise appropriately to meet or partially meet the requirements put forward by the decoration party. Generally speaking, money can settle many disputes. Because you have fallen into it and lost the weight of negotiation, at this time, the decorator has changed from a slave to a general. If you cut meat and stop loss at this time, you can't bear it. And other construction teams are also unwilling to take over. They will think you are a difficult owner. Even if you want to take over, it must be the lion's big mouth. For the owner's friends, the construction quality and future warranty service may not be guaranteed, because they can put a lot of responsibility on the people who decorate you in front. ◆ if there is a contradiction with the home decoration company, can the home decoration company be sued? I can tell you clearly: you should never take the home decoration company to court. For the owner friends, it is impossible to have a satisfactory result to solve the home decoration dispute through legal channels. Even if you win the lawsuit, the compensation you get is far from making up for the heavy price you pay for the lawsuit. The lawsuit of home decoration dispute is a loser to both the owner and the decoration party, and the real winners are lawyers and third-party appraisal institutions. The lawsuit of home decoration dispute will only make the owner's friend worse, and the owner's friend will get nothing except a sigh of relief. Why is that? This is related to our Chinese legal system. Let's talk about how to fight a home improvement lawsuit first. Generally speaking, in the first step, you will find a lawyer. The cost of a good lawyer is very high, the cheap lawyer is basically useless, and the target of the home decoration lawsuit is very low, so a good lawyer is not willing to accept such a small case. For minor lawsuits such as home decoration disputes, summary procedures are generally adopted. The summary procedure requires a trial period of three months, which means that under normal circumstances, the lawsuit should have a result within three months, but this is only an ideal state. The actual situation will never be so simple: if ordinary procedures are adopted, the trial period will be six months; If the other party raises a jurisdictional objection, it will be delayed for several months; The lawsuit of home decoration generally involves the quality of decoration, and the judge does not understand decoration, so we must ask the third-party appraisal institution to issue an appraisal report, which will drag on for several months; If the other party or you are dissatisfied with the judgment, you will appeal, and the second instance is a few months; If you fail to pay the fees due due to disputes, the decorator can also counterclaim against you &hellip& hellip; It can be seen that it is not surprising if the home decoration lawsuit lasts for two years. We will analyze the gains and losses of our owner friends from the whole process of home decoration lawsuit. Let's start with loss:

1. Can the owner friend bear such a long litigation process, and during the litigation, the owner friend is likely to be unable to change the decoration that has been completed, because the judicial appraisal requires the owner to keep the original, so your house is very likely not to be able to live in or rent, so the loss of the right to live in the house is not a small loss

2. Lawyer's fees

3. Expenses of judicial expertise. Judicial expertise such as home decoration generally starts at 10000 yuan, and the plaintiff should pay in advance

4. Mental losses caused by lawsuits and disputes. What's more:

if you win the lawsuit, you will get some economic compensation. But limited to direct losses, our Chinese judicial system basically does not recognize indirect losses and moral losses, if any, can also be ignored. The direct loss identified by judicial expertise in home decoration disputes is very limited, in fact, it is also very limited, because the main reason for the dispute is not the construction quality but the service process. The cost of judicial expertise will generally be apportioned in proportion to the responsibilities of both parties. If the result of judicial expertise is unfavorable to you, you will bear most of the identification costs. These are the benefits you can get if you win the lawsuit. What if you lose? Home decoration disputes are often the responsibility of both sides. Why are you sure to win? To sum up, the owner's friend's lawsuit against home decoration is not worth the loss. If there is a dispute, it is suggested that the owner's friend calm down and don't fight for a moment. At the same time, he should also reflect on his possible problems, and then negotiate with the decoration party. If this concession is made, he should make some progress and take a step back. If you use a term in go to make an analogy, the owner's friend is fighting a life and death robbery, while the decorator is fighting a worry free robbery. After all, the war occurred in the owner's friend's home, and the decorator is not in a hurry. On this point, the initiative of the home decoration dispute is always on the decorator's side. If there is really a home decoration dispute, our owner friends should be open-minded and treat it as if they are in trouble and spend money to eliminate the disaster. There is no dispute that money is unfair. Nine times out of ten, life is unhappy, and the unhappiness of home decoration disputes is one of them. To decorate smoothly, the only way for owners and friends is to find the right people and home decoration companies. The rest are floating clouds




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