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The opening activities of the new store are hot! In May, 2018, the Fish Diving project team of the brand headquarters joined hands with the "opening activity" of the Xiaogan store. Driven by the teaching of the project leader - teacher Chen Feilong and the project Coach - teacher Zhang Limei, the salesperson continued to break through himself through the methods of training + Learning + centralized invitation + day-to-day signing, And finally achieved their respective goals. In just 15 days, a total of 102 transactions were completed, with cash receipts of 1.07 million and sales of 1.78 million, causing a huge sensation in the local building materials industry

▲ project leader Chen Feilong

▼ project coach Zhang Limei

what is the dilemma before the opening

? The competition is big. Xiaogan exclusive store is located on the 5th floor of the local Red Star Macalline market. Half of the whole 5th floor is made of curtains, including two old curtain stores "jinfurong, Suya" that have been in the local market for more than 20 years, forming a strong competition with ruyudeshui

? Since the shopping malls have held one after another activities since the end of the new year, they are very frequent, resulting in customers' little interest in activities and difficult to invite

? The new and old staff of Xiaogan store alternate, with uneven abilities and poor execution, and few intended customers

the project teacher stationed in the store and introduced the opening activities

Mr. Chen of the project department first unified his thinking with the dealer general manager Xu and the clerk, formulated the activity plan, set the goal, and held the kick-off meeting. And I will tell you how to take the initiative in marketing, combine orders for soft decoration, get orders quickly, and build a team quickly. With clear goals, everyone claimed the task and made a good start for our project in the state of high morale

mobilize the enthusiasm of internal employees

morning meeting, through team sharing, dancing, games and trickery, improve the self-condition of the clerks, and make everyone clear their goals through daily commitment, a new day, happy life and happy work

evening meeting, daily commitment fulfillment (combination of rewards and punishments), customer analysis with data, problem solving for problems, follow-up of unsuccessful customers, forced single speech guidance, etc. (analysis, summary, improvement)

set up a sales team and establish a team leader responsibility system, so as to activate all team members. Through the implementation of the daily PK mechanism, the team can compete well every day, and truly become a wolf

internal intensive training and upgrading

teaching by coaches, learning professional knowledge, combining theory with practice, being familiar with product price bands, types, styles, selling points, etc., so as to be familiar with products, learn product witness cabinets, color matching, production plans, sales service processes, forcing orders, etc., improve professional knowledge, and improve the transaction rate of stores

opening requires everyone to know

the influence of opening activities in the mall is expanded. First, 500 small goldfish are purchased. Jianqun pulls all brand clerks in the market except competitive products into the group, and notifies a time point to receive free small goldfish gifts at ruyushui, so that the whole mall knows that ruyushui is holding opening activities, expanding its influence, word of mouth, and finally guiding customers into the store

when opening, you should be polite to the store and bring new customers with you.

you should send invitations to old customers to participate in opening activities and receive gifts, so as to drive the second consumption of old customers and introduce new customers

soft combined order, expanded single value

expanded single value, soft combined order. Fashionable and tasteful curtains, coupled with exquisite and high-end wall coverings, have a direct and obvious effect, helping users improve the style of their home by N times. From single curtain sales to wall fabric joint orders, the single value is increased

opening ceremony: Curtain fashion cross-border runway show

thank you for your feedback, hold a grand opening ceremony, and a fashion avant-garde, curtain and fashion cross-border model runway show, gorgeous debut! The well-known leaders in the circle and old customer groups were also invited to gather together to witness the glorious tomorrow of filial piety. Soft clothing is the fashion of home. As the leader of home fashion, ruyoudeshui will always be the most beautiful for users

this Xiaogan store has achieved a new milestone in the history of opening activities like a fish in water, and caused a great sensation in the local area. I warmly congratulate Xiaogan store on its successful opening activities




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