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In the era of network popularity and new media operation in the 21st century, the combination of feelings and brands can move the audience to a certain extent, but integrated wall enterprises should understand that feelings are only a means, not an end, and the key is how to make the brand stand out

first of all, we need to open up a new runway

when making a brand, the first thing an integrated wall enterprise should do is to open up a new market. We know that there are countless entrepreneurial opportunities in the Internet today, but integrated wall enterprises should choose a large enough market, choose a good business model, choose your product direction, and find a large enough runway to run. At this time, you will find that most roads already have many competitors. How can you PK others? That is to be a troublemaker, because the way of game is made by others. Copying according to others' way will never be the first

secondly, to build your own brand like an artist, the first thing is to give a good name to the product. A good name is a successful start. In the field of artists, we know that many stars will change their names again when they first make their debut. On the other hand, the integrated Wall brand should have symbolic symbols

find a good stylist again

a good design means that integrated wall enterprises should cultivate aesthetics, which is combined with brand personality. All brands and every category are full of competitors. If integrated wall brands try to please everyone, they will lose users

the integrated wall is still in the high-speed stage of market development, which is suitable for dealers who are still on the sidelines to investigate a market. Tuscany integrated wall has opened up a market with the "move according to needs" of customers and the honest management of dealers. It is carefully managing its own brand, and the professional designer team has a good interpretation of our brand. When you are still hesitating, others are already taking action

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