Colorism winter fashion living room color scheme

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The fashionable black-and-white combination and stripe pop style in the living room

fashionable stripes

many people will feel that monochrome collocation is not enthusiastic, and large areas of solid colors are easy to be monotonous. For such people, stripes have become a practical, fashionable and passionate element. Red is too enthusiastic, but it becomes much softer after matching with white. People who like red but worry about being too strong can try to appear in the form of stripes

natural intoxication

natural color is a very relaxing color, and it is also a color system with great healing effect, which can always make people feel soothing and happy. After all the colors are low in brightness, people will gradually calm down. The combination of light pink and beige brings a pleasant light pleasure

Mediterranean air

blue is a relaxing color, and it is easy to make people think. It is one of the commonly used colors for decompression. If you are worried that people's emotions are difficult to get excited in such a space, you can add contrast colors orange and orange, and the spatial expression will be different immediately

sweet and gentle

red makes people excited and happy, but a large number of highly pure red appear, which is easy to make people irritable. Reducing the lightness of red will make the whole space gentle and sweet. If it is matched with warm yellow with the same lightness, it will make the space more pleasant, accompanied by a large area of white, neutralizing red, which makes people feel rested and enjoy a warm atmosphere




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