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On December 29, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau again organized the media to visit a number of enterprises in the city, and went deep into the production line to understand the measures and results taken by enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and Governance

there are many enterprises in Foshan that have a strong sense of social responsibility and have well implemented environmental protection measures. They really take environmental protection as their own responsibility, study deeply in pollutant emission control, are willing to invest, and have achieved good results. On December 29, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau once again organized the media to visit many enterprises in the city, and went deep into the production line to understand the measures and results taken by enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and governance

Weiye aluminum factory: do a good job in "three Simultaneities", take the lead in using natural gas to reduce pollution from the source

Enter Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd., the plant area is neatly planned, the production workshop is clean, the plant appearance is impressive, and the exhaust gas emission outlet of each process can hardly see the emission of dust and smoke

Feng Yangming, deputy general manager of Weiye aluminum group, said that the senior management of the enterprise has a strong sense of social responsibility, has very strict standards for production, and also has very high requirements for environmental protection. As early as 2009, taking advantage of the opportunity of relocating to a new site, Weiye aluminum made a very wise decision to adopt clean energy - natural gas in the whole plant area, becoming the first aluminum profile enterprise in the city to use natural gas as fuel. At the beginning of construction, the plant strictly implements the "three Simultaneities" of environmental protection, that is, all pollution control facilities are designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously with the main project

today, when the current national environmental protection laws, regulations and standards are constantly tightened, Feng Yangming said that he is very glad that the company's top management has a vision and insight, leaving few environmental problems behind. He just continued to carry out technological transformation on the basis of the long reserved space for the construction of environmental protection facilities, so that the company can be better than the increasingly stringent emission standards in terms of water, gas, solid waste and hazardous waste

it is understood that coal has always been the primary choice for aluminum industry production due to its low price. However, the carbon, nitrogen, dust and other substances produced by coal combustion not only cause great damage to the environment, but also have a great impact on the surrounding population. With a strong sense of environmental protection and responsibility, Weiye aluminum took the lead in changing the fuel from coal to natural gas, and designed and built pipelines to solve the generation of pollutants from the source

Feng Yangming introduced that during the production process of the company, many waterworks are recycled, and the wastewater containing heavy metals is strictly pretreated by quality and guaranteed to meet the standard. The generated hazardous waste is also treated and disposed in strict accordance with the requirements. The company has also built a perfect intelligent control system, set up water and gas monitoring points in each link, monitor the emission situation in real time 24 hours, and realize the stable and up to standard emission of pollutants through strict enterprise internal control

Haitian flavor industry: increasing investment and continuous technological transformation, the boiler dust removal efficiency is nearly 100%

in Cangjiang Industrial Park, Gaoming District, a 100 meter high chimney first attracted everyone's attention. Although the production line of Haitian flavor industry is running at full speed, there is hardly any smoke emission

lizhigao, the director of Haitian flavor boiler workshop, said that they added limestone to the furnace to make the limestone react with sulfur dioxide in the boiler, and used the spray method to remove the sulfide in the flue gas. Because the combustion efficiency of natural gas is lower than that of coal, it can not meet the use requirements. In order to reduce the pollutants produced in the boiler combustion process, they transformed the boiler and adopted the electrostatic dust removal measures of high-frequency and pulse dual power supply, so that the dust removal efficiency reached 99.9%

in recent years, Haitian flavor industry has invested 25million to continuously carry out technical transformation of the circulating vulcanization bed boiler, including the transformation of three sets of high-frequency electrostatic precipitators and their supporting equipment. In order to ensure the effect of boiler flue gas treatment, the enterprise is still continuously investing in technological transformation, and will organize employees to carry out environmental protection training every year. At present, the indicators of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot emitted by boiler flue gas have reached the emission standards of thermal power plants, with comprehensive desulfurization efficiency of more than 90% and dust removal efficiency of more than 95%




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